“Cathy Corison is my heroine. She makes such great wine - the essence of Napa Valley minus the bludgeoning force, plus a sensible price tag.”


Cathy has long known that she can’t make a wine any better than the grapes that come into the winery at harvest, so all year she spends much of her time and energy out in the vineyards.

The Power of Cabernet

Cabernet Sauvignon makes powerful wine no matter where, or how, it grows. For Cathy, it is much more interesting at the intersection of power and elegance, seeming opposites. Careful canopy management, requiring meticulous handwork throughout the growing season, yields fully ripe fruit that retains snappy natural acidity at moderate sugar levels. Ample, velvety tannins give the wines gentle grip and, combined with good acidity, allow the wines to grace the table and enjoy remarkable longevity.

Harvest bins full of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes

Great grapes make great wine. Cathy’s winemaking is largely non-interventionist, with gentleness at every step. Everything she does is geared toward getting all the goodness out of the grapes and leaving anything undesirable behind. When fermentation is complete, the wines go down to small French oak barrels to spend the next 20 months undergoing the magical alchemy that is wine aging.